Fun Tours & Activities
Alishan Luxury Tour
Have fun with workshops - Choice of mochi making, bamboo flute making, forest bath, Aiyu jelly making and medicinal plants workshop. Enjoy scenic views of Alishan forest, take the old train tour and taste local delicacies.
Dolphin or Whale Watching Tour
Watch the whales or dolphins swim at Pacific Ocean. The cruise ship will bring tourists from the coast of Hualien to the ocean for an awesome sight-seeing.
Timetable (available everyday):
6:00 / 8:00 / 10:00 / 13:30 / 15:30
Mukumugi River Tracing
This summer, river tracing the amazing crystal clear Mukumugi river is more relaxing than hiking. Have fun learning how to trace the river safely guided by your coach. A special shuttle service will pick-up participants from Hualien Station or from your hotel.
Sun Moon Lake Cruise Excursion
Enjoy boat tour at the famous Sun Moon Lake.
Your tour car will bring you to our specially selected tourists spots around the lake with our special Taiwan Getaways itinerary.
Taroko Picnic Tour
Level 2 Adventure Trails

This is a special Taroko group tour. An English speaking interpreter guide will bring you to a photo walk at popular trails of Taroko, enter caves, cross hanging bridges and waterfalls, enjoy a picnic at the mountain top and an adventure walk at the cliffs of Taroko for sight-seeing.
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