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Alishan Aboriginal Tour

Have fun with aboriginal dance, learn Alishan indigenous traditions, Do-It- Yourself wood carving or love-jade jelly making workshops. Join the night time fire camp party, morning forest hike and enjoy an all-natural aboriginal scenic area! Savor various native aboriginal dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Alishan Fun Forest Tour

Visit the famous Alishan forest and see the majestic sunrise. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of green tea fields and amazing sunrise. Take the old train and enjoy sight-seeing. Have a photo-walk at the old street. Visit traditional coffee shops with amazing views, have a fun food trip and taste the famous lunchbox.
Alishan Luxury Tour

Have fun with workshops - Choice of mochi making, bamboo flute making, forest bath, Aiyu jelly making and medicinal plants workshop. Enjoy scenic views of Alishan forest, take the old train tour and taste local delicacies.
Awesome Rock Formations

Get to see unique rock formations at 3 areas of Northeast Coast in 1 day with Taiwan Getaways special itinerary! Enjoy scenic views, boat ride to the island and see various rock formations such as Tofu rocks. Experience a fun adventure in a cave tour and learn more about Taiwanese culture
Central Taiwan

Sheep feeding, Cingjing farm tours and visit popular destinations in central Taiwan!
Cold Spring

A rare natural spring with water at temperature at 22 degrees below. This kind of unique springs is only in Italy and Taiwan.
The water is odorless, clear and drinkable and contains sodium bicarbonate.

Please bring swim wear and head caps. Shower/heap caps are required in the pool area.
Dolphin or Whale Watching

Watch the whales or dolphins swim at Pacific Ocean. The cruise ship will bring tourists from the coast of Hualien to the ocean for an awesome sight-seeing.
Timetable (available everyday):
6:00 / 8:00 / 10:00 / 13:30 / 15:30
Glass Bridge Tour

Experience the adventure of crossing a glass bridge in the middle of a forest! Get to try paper making and have a fun tasting famous wine at a brewery.
Fun food trip: special products, wild rice stems, passion fruit, red sugar canes, rice-noodles.
Jungle Adventures

Have fun with zip lines, sky trails and lots of adventures! Experience 9 different zip lines and 13 types of hanging bridges. The sky trails as 7 low levels and 10 high levels! All these in one exciting day tour!

There our different places for kayaking to choose from. Ilan has bay channels that crosses through majestic cliffs. Qingshui Cliff is one of the wonders of Taiwan known for the emerald clear waters beside an enormous mountain cliff.
Take a further step enjoying the beauty of Taiwan by kayaking at the ocean right beside the cliff. Our certified coaches will guide you and take photos for you.
Miaoli Tour

Day tour to 10 wonderful destinations of Miaoli. Explore wood carvings, lavender gardens, old streets, pottery and a lot more!
Mukumugi River Tracing

This summer, river tracing the amazing crystal clear Mukumugi river is more relaxing than hiking. Have fun learning how to trace the river safely guided by your coach. A special shuttle service will pick-up participants from Hualien Station or from your hotel.
Round the Lake Tour

Experience round the lake tour with unlimited yacht ride, sight seeing and photo-walk at twelve (12) best tourist spots near the lake.

We have special itinerary that is not the same as other travel agencies. We go to far places for the best scenic views. Please refer to the photos.
Snorkeling / scuba diving

Have a fun day snorkeling and having BBQ lunch! Meet other tourists, explore the coast of Taiwan and be amazed with the beauty of sea creatures.
South Taiwan

Tour the best cultural destinations of Kaohsiung, snorkel with giant sea turtles, cross the longest suspension bridge, enjoy a relaxing weekend getaway filled with fun adventure.
Sun Moon Lake Cruise

Enjoy boat tour at the famous Sun Moon Lake.
Your tour car will bring you to our specially selected tourists spots around the lake with our special Taiwan Getaways itinerary.
Taichung Tour

Learn how to make your own soap at the lavender gardens and have fun picking and tasting various types of mushrooms cooked in different ways! Visit the best tourist spots in Taichung.
Taipei Aboriginal Tour

Lunch at old street, hiking and sightseeing of Wulai waterfalls, take the fun log cart ride and watch the Atayal dance show.
Taitung 2D1N

Get amazed by water flowing upwards, delicious delicacies, breath taking view of mountains, hot springs, rock formations, rivers, and shores of Taitung.
Taroko Backpackers Tour
Level 1 Tour

The mini tour bus will pick you up at your preferred station or hostel. Since this is a charter bus, you may leave your heavy luggage in the bus. Your driver will wait for you to finish your photo walk then bring you to the next destination.

Get to visit around 6 to 7 tourist spots at Taroko Gorge including the famous Qingshui Cliff and Seven Stars Lake. A safety helmet will be provided to you.

No hassle of taking public transport, just enjoy your day tour with this private mini bus.
Taroko Picnic Tour
Level 2 Adventure Trails

This is a special Taroko group tour. Experience an adventure trip at the popular trails of Taroko, enter caves, cross hanging bridges and waterfalls, enjoy a picnic at the mountain top and an adventure walk at the cliffs of Taroko for sight-seeing.

Tours for a Cause

Day 1 - Hualien Tour
Bring donations or play games or teach English at orphanage for 1 to 2 hours.
Day 2 - Taroko Day Tour

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