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I went on two trips with Cherry while living in Taipei in 2015. The first one was an overnight trip to Taroko Gorge and a visit of an orphanage. The second one was a day trip to Sun Moon lake. Both trips exceeded my expectations! Cherry did a great job planning the trips and activities. She also accompanied each group and made herself available for any questions about the locations and the culture, and she did it with a big smile. The trips were filled with things to see and do without being rushed. I highly recommend Taiwan getaways.

- Amal Morse from United States on Apr. 12, 2016
Cherry has been very involved and detailed in all her tours and activities. She makes sure that all members have a great time and also encourages others to contribute back to the society and to the needy.

- Terence li from on Mar. 21, 2016
Thanks for organizing yet another wonderful and fun trip!

- Amal from United States on May. 24, 2015
Great! Thanks so much.

- Angela from New Zealand on May. 3, 2015

- Shirley from United States on May. 3, 2015
I've enjoyed my two trips with the group! Definitely a good price for all the activities.

- Annie from United States on Apr. 29, 2015
Thanks for organizing the event! I had a great time. It was nice meeting you all!

- Irene from Taiwan on Feb. 23, 2015
Happy to join the activities in this group. It has a lot of fun and unique activities. The organizers are very friendly and welcoming, and she organized the activities very well. I enjoyed the activities, and also meeting new people. I'm totally satisfied.

- Debby from Indonesia on Feb. 2, 2015
Happy to have found this group.

- Jodi from United States on Feb. 1, 2015
Thanks for arranging the activity. We enjoyed it!

- Sammi from Taiwan on Jan. 26, 2015
One of the highlights of my first trip to Taiwan. Convenient and easy coordination even when I'm joining from overseas. Organizers are super friendly and helpful. Met a lot of amazing people during the trip. Highly recommended and will definitely join future meetups when I return to Taiwan!

- Greg from Japan on Jan. 10, 2015
Interesting off the beaten track activities.

- Phil from United States on Dec. 22, 2014
I look forward to meeting some happy people :-)

- Susan from British Columbia on Sep. 26, 2014

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