Accredited accommodation providers of Taiwan Getaways:
Alishan Aboriginal Cabins

This is a famous lodge in the middle of Alishan mountains. If you wish to stay in this unique aboriginal themed bed and breakfast, you must book your tours months ahead as this cozy home is always fully booked!
Chiayi Resort

A beautiful country resort perfect for getaway. Family-friendly features for you to enjoy a relaxing Taiwan travel, as well as the picturesque surroundings and natural resources.
Chiayi Station Grand Hotel

An elegant hotel with quality service. Just eight-minute walk from Chiayi Train Station.
Hello Kitty BnB

Hello Kitty themed Bed and Breakfast at the center of Taiwan Ceramic Street. Tour package arranged for maximum comfort, convenience and relaxation.
Hualien Back Station Hotel

This is a new, high quality hotel accommodation with sumptuous breakfast buffet. Located just 3 minutes away from the back exit of Hualien Station. Quality checked and guaranteed by Taiwan Getaways quality assurance team.
Hualien Hostel

Dorm-type accommodation with sturdy beds, large cabinets and cozy dining area and nice kitchen. Ideal for group tours.
Hualien Station Front Inn

This inn is located very near the front exit of Hualien Station. Estimated walking time is just 3 to 5 minutes. Very convenient, just walk straight ahead in front of the station.
Indigenous Hotel

This special indigenous themed hotel is a favorite partner of VIP Travels. Classic accommodation, food, dining and living areas. All furniture are native hand made.
Jiufen Hotel

Visiting the famous Jiufen will be great if you stay overnight at this quality hotel with an overlooking view of Jiufen mountains and city view.
Tainan Hotel

Cozy Rooms for individuals and family
Taitung Bed and Breakfast

Enjoy a good night stay at these cozy rooms. This B&B is 15 minute walk from the train station and private car pick-up service is also available at night time.
Zhou Tribe Bed & Breakfast

Zhou Tribe Bed & Breakfast that serves delectable aboriginal cuisines. Experience indigenous culture in your overnight stay.

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