Cynthia from Philippines on Nov. 19, 2017
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Good company and friendly organizers.

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Abbygail, Dylahn & Monica Zamudio from Mexico on Nov. 19, 2017
Great trip and every enjoyable.

Ursula from Germany on Sep. 17, 2017
Good driver, beautiful landscape, cute things to see. So far, so good =)

Aanand from India on Sep. 17, 2017
Trip was nice. Meet new people across the globe is quite interesting.

Lucy from Philippines on Sep. 17, 2017
Very nice service. I really enjoy the tour. I hope I can join again. Thank you very much.

Shebby from Saint Vincent & Grenadines on Sep. 17, 2017
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Unique from United States on Sep. 17, 2017
Taiwan Getaways is awesome. We had a great time today. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. Thanks so much for a great trip.

Kristin from United States on Sep. 17, 2017
Thank you for this great trip. Eventhough I am afraid of heights, this tour made me comfortable enough not to think about fear and enjoy the moment. I can't wait for the next trip!

Luisa from Philippines on Sep. 17, 2017
Thank you very much I enjoyed the tour. More power and God bless Taiwan Getaways! Mabuhay! Hanggang sa muli nating pagkikita.. (Until we meet again)

Manitza from South Africa on Aug. 27, 2017
It was wonderful. Thanks.

Chris from Philippines on Aug. 25, 2017
Well planned. I love the food.

Rodel R. from Philippines on Aug. 25, 2017
The Geopark trip is awesome. The timing between sites is great.

Scott B. from United States on Aug. 25, 2017
Really enjoyed being outdoors. It was well organized and great seeing new places. The tour was flexible.

Wendy from Taiwan on Aug. 25, 2017
The organizer is professional. She arranged all schedule smoothly. Everything went well.

Aanand from India on Aug. 23, 2017
Awesome experience! The guides have great personalities and are really kind natured. They also seem to have their own signature moves while flying - my guide did a "roller coaster" move. Definitely recommend! I felt safe and trusted the guys the entire time

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Amal Morse from United States on Apr. 12, 2016
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du Plessis from South Africa on Apr. 11, 2016
I attended the springroll demonstration and it was the most fun I had in a long time. Met some great new people and had fun making and eating springrolls. Please arrange a dumpling making session!

Terence li from Taiwan on Mar. 21, 2016
Cherry has been very involved and detailed in all her tours and activities. She makes sure that all members have a great time and also encourages others to contribute back to the society and to the needy.

Juricho Ong from Philippines on Mar. 21, 2016
Great host and as well as friendly like-minded travelers who want to have fun!

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