By joining any tours and events organized by Taiwan Getaways, you agree to adhere to these terms and conditions:

1. All legitimate tour companies in Taiwan collect passport or ARC information for insurances, government registrations and verification.
2. Illegal and criminal activities are prohibited and shall be reported to authorities and can result to permanent banning.
3. Non-submission of complete details 3 days prior to the event shall incur a charge of TWD 300 for rush processing of insurance before tour.
4. It is the responsibility of each member to login and update his/her own profile information.
5. Disputes shall be dealt fairly. Reports must be sent to
6. All photos taken by our staff during our tours are intellectual properties of Taiwan Getaways and part of our event documentation. Photos and videos can only be disseminated with our company watermark.
7. All tour photos and videos are part of the tour documentation. Organizers, coaches, drivers and guides upload photos at our official Facebook page for convenience in downloading.
8. All attendees must observe professional code of conduct and manners. Respect the organizers and be polite.
9. Taiwan Getaways implements the same policies, terms and conditions regardless of race, nationality, social status and culture.
10. It is the responsibility of members to observe self-discipline and follow the indicated terms and conditions at this website.

Refund / Cancellation Terms and Conditions:

1. Full refunds are available if the organizer cancels the activity due to natural calamities or government mandated rules.
2. Rescheduling is NOT cancellation. Reschedule requests must be done at least 10 days BEFORE.
3. Cancellation requested 10 days prior to the booked schedule are subject to 20% handling fee deductions.
4. Processing time for credit card and PayPal refunds is 10 banking days and 5 banking days for local bank payments.
5. Late notice, no shows, sudden back-outs within 10 days shall result to forfeiture of tour tickets.
6. No refund for any cancellation within 48 hours regardless of any excuse.
7. Regular tour tickets are TRANSFERABLE. No processing fee for transfer requests 72 hours before the tour starts.
8. Late transfer notice within 2 days before the tour shall incur a transfer charge of TWD 200.
9. Promo gift tickets given for free as raffle prizes are NON-transferable and NOT convertible to cash.
10. No cancellation and no refund for all train and hotel bookings.
11. Cancellation within 48 hours for complimentary tours shall result to deactivation of your membership and you will be opted out from joining future complimentary tours.
12. To reinstate your eligibility for complimentary tours, you have to book a tour amounting to not less than TWD 2000.
13. Any member who flaked for at least one time for on-site payment conditions are no longer eligible for any on-site payments. All payments must be processed in advance.

Professional Code of Conduct / Group Tours Events Decorum

1. This is a fun, safe and stress-free environment for our international organizers and members. Zero tolerance on discrimination and superiority complex.
2. Always maintain professionalism and courtesy in your communication. Zero tolerance policy on verbal abuse, false accusations / slander and bullying.
3. Members meet new international friends during group tour events. Observe proper boundaries and respect private lives of people. Be sensitive to cutltural differences.
4. The organizers reserve the right to ban any member from their events due to flaking, weirding-out and rude behavior. You paid to join the tours, not to disrespect our organizers.
5. All tour events are intended for tours, do not mess with any organizers about your dating issues, they are not interested. Pestering them at work is harassment and illegal.
6. Penalties for criminal acts of harm, harassment and slander based on Taiwan R.O.C. laws are monetary restitution or imprisonment.
7. Any incidents of abuse or harassment during tours must be escalated to for legal action.
8. The organizers reserve the rights to manage communication thru email and Facebook to foster good camaraderie within the association.
9. Our standard prices are 100% expenses, service fees, risks, liabilities and operations costs. All fees are fixed. No rude haggling and low balling.
10. Tips and gratuities to encourage job well done are norms in travel industry. Regular tips is 10% while holiday/Chinese New Year tips is 20%.
11. For security purposes and everyone's safety, all tour buses are equipped with security cameras and sound recorders.
12. Group tours are designed for team building, socialization and group fun. Everyone in a group has to cooperate and avoid being difficult for others. Please book a private tour if you prefer to do things your own way.